Cogeneration is a group of entrepreneurs, experts and investors who are passionate about creating startups in the Nordic region. We believe that talk is cheap, so we don’t consult, advise or tell you what to do. Rather we bring the experience, complementary skills, proprietary methods and resources together to co-create the venture together with you.

One way to think about Cogeneration is as an Execution company. You share with us your dream. Then we nurture that dream. Next we provide what is required to fulfill that dream. Finally, if possible, we expand the dream.

Based on decades of experience, research and trial and error we have create a proprietary method to create new ventures. This method combines with our network of experts ensure that the startups we create have the best chance of success and rapid growth.

We continue to adjust and tweak our systems to increase the standardization of many of the startup processes. This way, we can focus on the most important things such as – understanding a customer need from a well-defined customer niche, creating a product or service that meets that need, and selling it those customers.