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    Business Idea/Concept

    Summarize in a few words what the business of your company will consist of! Define the product/service of your company and which categories of customers the company will sell to. What are the special strengths of your company in the competition for customers? (required)

    Company Environment


    Describe the customers more closely! Are there any special categories? What kind of buying habits do they have? What purchasing power? Describe the customer needs that the company should meet! If possible, evaluate the sales by customer category! The sum makes the sales in the income budget. (required)


    Within which geographic area or industry will the products/services be sold? (required)

    How big is the market in number of customers, measured in volume or in crowns! (required)

    How big is the market share of your company, roughly assessed? (required)

    Is a permit, authorization or similar required for your business? What is the status of your application? (required)

    How do you estimate changes in the market within the next few years in areas such as technology, trends, purchasing patterns, movements within the society, environmental change or other things relevant to your business venture? (required)


    Which are the toughest competitors? Which are their strengths and weaknesses? How big is their market share? If competitors don’t exist - how do the customers solve their needs/problems in another way? (required)

    Competition and Efficiency


    State the advantages and disadvantages of your product or service compared to the competitors! Are there patents, protection of designs or similar! (required)

    Business model

    How will the products/services of your company (1) be sold, (2) produced and (3) delivered / provided? What are the advantages and disadvantages of your methods in comparison with your competitors? (required)
    Example: A gift shop or a day spa with cash payment for the supply of goods or service in their own premises, an online store with package delivery and cash on delivery, an engineering firm with sales through an agent, partial payments in advance and final payment upon delivery of the finished machine.


    How will the market be made aware of what the company has to offer? Is it through personal selling, advertising, PR, Internet or otherwise? (required)
    Indicate if you have an attachment with a more detailed plan for the marketing activities.


    What price level are you thinking about? How will the level be in comparison with the competitors? Is it price per item, per hour, subscription or other? (required)


    How are you going to organize the company administration, bookkeeping, accounting, period-end closing procedure etc.? How do you track the development of finance? (required)


    What if any special resources do you require? (required)
    In terms of facilities, equipment, machinery, specialized personnel, technical or other type of specialized resources.