Co-venture is the process of two or more entities coming together to produce a joint project. The joint project in this particular case is a new business venture. The lone hero/entrepreneur is more myth than reality. In this business environment to create a new business venture, especially a high growth venture, generally requires more skills, more capabilities and more resources than a single individual possesses. As a result, people form entrepreneurial teams that bring a wide variety of competences and resources to the venture. It is through the creation of well thought out entrepreneurial team that the new venture has its best chance to succeed.

But what if you don’t have an entrepreneurial team? What f you don’t have an good network? What if you think you have developed a good business idea, but don’t know what to do next? There are few organizations that will give you some information. There are (a few) good consultants that might give you some good information. However, neither will be part of your entrepreneurial team.

That is where we come in. Cogeneration partners with people. We co-venture with people to start new business ventures. With years of experience and many startups under our belts, we understand the what is needed to create the best launching platform for a business. Cogeneration compliments the skills and capabilities you may have and further fills the gaps the startup process. In the end the business that we start together has the best chance to survive and grow.