Cogeneration is a catalyst. In the strict sense, a catalyst changes the rate of a chemical reaction. According to Wikipedia, “unlike other reagents that participate in the chemical reaction, a catalyst is not consumed by the reaction itself. A catalyst may participate in multiple chemical transformations.” That almost perfectly describes us. Cogeneration ignites the business creation process for (potential) entrepreneurs. We do this not just for one business, but multiple businesses at once. Further, the more startup we become partners in, the better it is you. Because with each successive startup we hone our skills , increase and vary or experience, expand our network, discover new customers and supplier and more. These many startups increase the rate at which we can learn, which increases the rate at which all the startup in our network can benefit.

While we all know that nothing happens until we take action, we all need a little push sometimes. Correspondingly, the bigger the action, the bigger the push required. Starting a business can be a daunting task and in Sweden there is often negative inertia which enforces the status quo. Let Cogeneration help.

Let us be the fire under your a**.